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Feix&Merlin Architects
Feix&Merlin Architects

British Land HQ York House

Feix&Merlin have recently completed the interior refurbishment of British Land’s HQ at York House in Central London.

Following an invited process in 2022, Feix&Merlin were commissioned by British Land to re-imagine the arrival sequence at its headquarters at York House on Seymour Street in Central London.

The proposals feature an entirely new material palette filled with warmth, light, and natural materials, incorporating colour and texture to create a timeless and elegant approach based on highly sustainable principles.

A sustainable approach

The scheme includes a significant element of re-use; existing floor tiles have been retained and reused; existing wall finishes such as the granite stone on the walls were carefully removed, stored on site and repurposed as flooring. New interventions such as the timber wall panels were carefully and sustainably sourced and other natural materials were prioritised such as the breathable limewash finishes, recycled timber terrazzo and cork have been used as well as air purifying plants, soft furnishings include new upholstery, layered textures with natural rugs, vegan leather, drapery.


British Land


Central London


Stage 6 Completed