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Feix&Merlin Architects
Feix&Merlin Architects

LSE Pavilion

A new graduation pavilion for the LSE.

The pavilion sits in the square in front of the RHSP-designed “Centre Building” with its strong grid and characteristic cross bracing; and is also diagonally across from the LSE’s “Old Building”⁠ which features stone detailing and arched windows. ⁠

⁠The pavilion itself is built up out of modular grid and has been set out to align with the RHSP grid, and also echos some of the form and fenestration of the Old Building.⁠

The pavilion is completely free-standing and designed to be fully demountable and reusable. At the end of the graduation season, the pavilion will be taken down, stored on site, in readiness for next year.⁠

A second satellite mini-pavilion sits as the entrance to Houghton Street which leads you down towards the main pavilion in centre square.⁠

The pavilion made from birch ply and features colours inspired by the LSE’s own colour palette; deep magentas, blues, and of course the iconic LSE red.⁠