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Feix&Merlin Architects
Feix&Merlin Architects

The Conduit, Covent Garden

The Conduit’s new home in Covent Garden, a 6-storey Grade II Listed building in the heart of Covent Garden, includes new lounges workspace, events spaces, and a new rooftop restaurant and terraces.

​As part of the interior design process for the Conduit’s new home, a collection of design features from their previous Mayfair home, designed in collaboration with Russell Sage Studio and Cavendish Studios, were reclaimed and repurposed within the new interior, along with various new additions and design installations.

​The Conduit champions the work of high-quality, ethical and independent designers in a commitment to social, environmental and economic change. The blue and white tiles in the fifth-floor restaurant are by Anton Bosch, who employs locals in the small farming town of White River, South Africa to create the raw tiles. The chunky curtains in the Ubuntu lounge are Ngobozo curtains, crafted by artisans in Swaziland made by twisting the Ngobozo reed, using sustainable materials, and creating empowerment through employment assisting the women of eSwatini to uplift themselves and their communities through craft.